Qatar adopted multidimensional approach to fight pandemic: Amir

Exclusive Qatar World
The increased revenues will be utilized to fund future infrastructural projects that will strengthen Qatar’s healthcare, education and technological sectors
By Maneesh Bakshi

Qatar’s vaccination programme has covered about 65% of the country’s population which translates to execution of more than 2.8 million doses, the Amir of the State of Qatar His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has said, while speaking during his inaugural address at the opening of first Qatar Economic Forum.

In his address, HH the Amir said, “We have spared no efforts in responding to the Covid-19 crisis with our multidimensional approach that included strengthening our medical sector especially the public health system, by providing necessary support to the public sector thus boosting our economy, and lastly, by mitigating the negative impact of pandemic whatever way we could.”

HH the Amir said that an amount of QR75 billion has been pumped into the economy to support the private sector to balance the negative economic impact of the pandemic.

“Qatar will adopt a balanced economic policy and will continue its plan of increasing the revenues from the North Field gas project expansion to 40% by year 2026. The increased revenues will be utilised to fund future infrastructural projects that will strengthen our healthcare, education and technological sectors,” the Amir said.

He further said, “Our focus will continue to support sustainable environment-friendly development as reflected through our non-oil sector contribution to the GDP which exceeded 61% at constant prices in 2020. Our keenness in investing in the field of green energy shows our commitment towards sustainable development.”

“We are all aware that the next stage will not be easy economically and financially for any country. We must cooperate to narrow the gap between the developed and the developing countries, especially in accessing the vaccine and countering the repercussions of the epidemic,” he reiterated.

Amir cautioned the world by saying, “I want to stress here that making vaccines against Covid-19 is a commendable humanitarian effort, but racing and competition by some countries to obtain quantities that exceed their needs will cripple the international efforts to control the pandemic globally.”

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