Arab Cup 2021 will showcase Qatar’s readiness to host 2022 mega tournament: PM

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  • World Cup preparations are progressing well on time despite initial slowing of its pace in the beginning of the pandemic
  • Qatar will not allow fans to enter stadiums without receiving a full vaccination against the virus
By Maneesh Bakshi

Qatar’s preparations for the 2022 World Cup mega event are progressing well in time. The country is set to host a memorable show next year despite the obstacles of the Covid-19 pandemic that impacted the pace of work initially, but nothing much, because of the early start of construction of the stadiums.

According to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), this information was disclosed by the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani, who was talking to editors-in-chief of the local press recently.

According to the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, the grand hosting of the Arab Cup 2021 tournament in the newly built stadiums for the World Cup is a precursor to Qatar’s readiness for hosting the biggest tournament the  Middle East region has ever hosted.

He said, “The Arab Cup 2021 in December will showcase Qatar’s capabilities in hosting major tournaments a year before the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and will also reflect the efficiency and readiness of the country’s infrastructure and World Cup facilities.”

The Prime Minister reiterated, “The infrastructure for the World Cup is ready in all respects and at the highest levels, including a transportation network and various services, including accommodation and health care. In general, things are going well and according to the set plan.”

Spectators and fans are the spirit of any World Cup but it will be a major challenge to hold a safe tournament of this magnitude when the world is passing through the impact of coronavirus. Under such circumstances, proper Covid-19 protocols must be strictly adhered to.

Regarding the Covid-19 protocols, the Prime Minister said, “When the date of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 comes, most countries of the world will have vaccinated and immunized their citizens. However, due to the possibility that some countries may not be able to vaccinate all their citizens, Qatar will not allow fans to enter stadiums without receiving a full vaccination against the virus.”

“Therefore, we are currently negotiating with a company to provide one million vaccine doses against the coronavirus for the immunisation of those coming to the FIFA World Cup Qatar. Our primary goal in vaccinating the un-vaccinated is to protect the public health of citizens and residents,” the Prime Minister said.

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