Great football, tasty food will make recipe for memorable World Cup: Qatari Chef

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Mohammed Al Abdullah says the FIFA World Cup will showcase Qatar’s famous hospitality and generosity
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For Doha-based chef Mohammed Al Abdullah, hosting the FIFA World Cup is a golden opportunity to introduce millions of fans to Qatar’s hospitality and generosity. And one of the best ways to do this according to him is by serving delicious traditional food.

Al Abdullah, a well-known chef and caterer from Abu Hamour though currently busy preparing Ramadan dishes for his customers still took time out from his busy schedule to share his vision and views about food and its role during World Cup hosting next year.

Chef Al Abdullah is always in the forefront when it comes to showcasing Qatari culinary traditions to the world as he did last year during the FIFA Club World Cup 2020, held in February when he held cooking workshops with various community groups to introduce them to local cuisine.

Always passionate about food and football he strongly believe food leaves a lasting impression of hospitality on any being and it will play a significant role during the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East and Arab world.

“When you say World Cup, you’re talking about millions of people visiting Qatar,” said Al Abdullah. “I see it as a god sent opportunity for us to showcase our peaceful heritage that is passed on to us through our grandfathers and their hospitality that I hope will impress everyone who will visit during World Cup.”

And when it comes to food, chef Al Abdullah is sure the visiting fans will be impressed with local cuisine. “You know why,…. because our first and foremost important ingredient will be love and passion for hospitality,” he said with a smile.

“We will create local dishes to welcome all the nationalities who travel here in 2022. I want to try and give people the most authentic taste of Qatari food,” he added.

“Traditional Qatari cooking is known for its great spices. I actually believe the amount of spices reflects our people’s generosity,” said Al Abdullah. “Lamb machboos is a staple dish used to welcome people into your home as a sign of hospitality.”

Al Abdullah has been especially busy in recent weeks preparing food during the Holy Month of Ramadan. His favourite dishes include lamb machboos, served with rice, potato, onions and spices, and the sweet dumpling qatayef, which is served with cream, nuts and honey, and is often served with Arabic coffee.

Remembering the moments when Qatar won the bid for World Cup almost a decade ago but its memory stays as vivid and real in every Qatari’s mind as if it had happened moments ago.

“When we won the bid in 2010, I was in the majlis with my friends. Some were heading to Souq Waqif to watch the event on the big screen. When we saw the royal family hug each other and cry, we all were in tears as well. I will never forget how happy I felt. It was a proud moment for everyone in Qatar,” said Al Abdullah.

“Football is a unifying game and it will unify everyone on Qatari soil. People of all nationalities will arrive in our country and we will welcome them with great football and great food.”

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