Living in Qatar

Living in Qatar

Public Transportation System in Qatar

Mowasalat is the transport company, and they run buses throughout most of Doha. However, they are often crowded and not as frequent as they may be in your home country. It can also be uncomfortable waiting in the sun during the summer months. Most QF staff prefer other methods of transportation. You can find more information on routes, fares, and schedules on their website:

The Doha Metro is currently under construction. The metro system will be built in two phases: the first will see the construction of three out of the four lines (Red, Gold, and Green) and 37 stations. These lines are expected to be open to the public by 2020. The future phases involve the introduction of an additional line (Blue) and the expansion of the existing ones, with more than 60 additional stations and the first expansion will be completed by 2026.

Recreational Activities in Doha

There are many recreational facilities and health fitness centers in Doha. Many hotels have health and wellness classes open to the public such as aerobics, fitness classes, gyms, spa treatments, yoga, and Pilates. There are also many sports and sporting associations such as bowling, baseball, basketball, cycling, fencing, hockey, golf, and equestrian sports. Comedy, dancing, drama, and music are also some of the things that you can get involved with while in Doha. Major events are happening around the year in some of the major cultural hubs of the country in places like Katara, The Pearl, and the West Bay.

The Weather in Qatar

The weather is generally pleasant in winter, and hot and humid during the summer. Winter daytime temperatures average 20-35 degrees Celsius (68-95 degrees Fahrenheit), although nights can be relatively cool. You will need to wear a sweater or a light coat during the winter. In summer, the temperature gets as high as 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Dress Code in Qatar

Qatar is an Islamic country and visitors and expats are expected to be respectful of the traditions of the state. Qataris generally wear the national dress of abayas and thobes. In accordance with local culture and customs, residents are requested to wear modest clothing that covers your shoulder and knees.

Driving in Qatar: Can I Use My Existing Licence?

If arriving in Qatar on a visitor’s visa, it is possible to use a national license from any country to drive a car for seven days, provided it is a rental vehicle. A driver who holds an International Driving Permit (IDP) may drive a rental vehicle for up to six months—or until the visa status changes from visitor to resident. The license from the home country must be available for inspection.

Qatar’s National Holidays

National holidays include National Sport Day (the second Tuesday in February) and Qatar National Day (18 December). We also provide working holidays during the two Eids. The exact dates of the Eids vary depending on the year, but are normally both 4-5 working days in length.

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