Qatar slams Israeli occupation’s new settlement plans in West Bank

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The State of Qatar has condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli occupation’s announcement of new settlement plans in the West Bank, terming it a flagrant violation of international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, especially UN Security Council Resolution No. 2334 and a blatant attack on the rights of the Palestinian people.

In a statement on Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the settlement plans pose a serious threat to international efforts to implement the two-state solution and impede the resumption of the peace process based on international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

The ministry called on the international community to assume its responsibilities, take the necessary measures to implement Security Council resolutions, and compel the Israeli occupation to stop its settlement policies in the occupied Palestinian territories, the QNA reported.

Also, the ministry reiterated the State of Qatar’s firm position in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, foremost of which is their right to establish their independent state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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